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To engage in carding, carders (e.g. Bestsitetobuycvv2019, Highbalancedumps and Liveccdumps) advertise their services by posting on dark web forums. These services include selling payment card information, as well as other sensitive data: drivers' licenses, passports and Social Security cards. In the past, carding involved verifying credit card numbers, codes and expiration dates

Nowadays, pro carders can find and disclose health insurance cards, birth certificates and much more. To hide their actions, pro carders such as Dumpsshop2019 and Ccdumpswithpinfree use bots

Carders usually sell a product called "dump", which is a set of information copied to the magnetic stripe on the back of a payment card. These pieces of information are also known as "full-track data." In fact, magnetic stripes have two tracks
T1 - T2

Track 1 contains an account number and customer's name. Serious carders, such as Dumpswithpinverifiedseller, Shopdumps101 and Ccshops are more interested in Track 2. It has card's expiration date, secure code (SVV) and other personal data. Carders also need to know BINs because it helps them target more vulnerable banks and other financial institutions